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Keeping you in the game

Peak performance can only be attained when built on a foundation of good health. By ignoring the building of this foundation, endurance athletes may find themselves in a frustrating cycle of underperformance, injury, illness or worse without ever performing at their true potential.

The sports medicine team at Waterfall SOS, the medical support behind Team Dimension Data Pro Cycling, has teamed with Ian Martin of Coach One to provide an integrated health optimisation and coaching service for endurance athletes.

We aim to deliver a professional service to all levels of athlete. Novices and elite athletes alike are sure to benefit from an integrated approach to health and training.

The programs are formulated from our experience in professional cycling and collective sports medicine and sports science knowledge. Each programme includes a thorough pre-competition medical examination, an ECG, blood investigations, initial performance testing and an individualised training program designed to help endurance athletes to reach their specific performance goals.  


·        Assessment of cardiovascular risk and screening for undiagnosed cardiovascular disease

·        Screening for common athletic nutritional deficiencies

·        Feedback and advice/treatment on any abnormal findings

·        Recognition and prevention of overtraining

·        Management of illness or injury during the season

·        A collaborative approach between sports science and sports medicine

·        Effective, individualised training programs

·        A healthier, fitter and faster you

·        The opportunity to participate in training camps with like-minded athletes  

The Programme:

Our Elite Programme is for athletes who may be new to the sport but would like to train effectively towards their goals.

The Neo-Pro Programme is for the serious amateur athlete who is looking to raise their performance to the next level through scientific training and expert medical care.

The Pro Programme is our top tier offering for those athletes looking to emulate the professionalism of the top endurance athletes in the world. Peak performance requires peak physical health and perfect training.

Peak Performance Programme




Pre-season medical assessment:

Medical history and examination




Resting ECG




Selected 'performance panel' blood investigations with detailed feedback


Comprehensive 'performance panel' blood investigations with detailed feedback


PowerBreathe assessment and inspiratory muscle training


Follow-up medical appointments for injury or illness during the season




Individualised training plan with monthly feedback


Individualised training plan with fortnightly feedback


Individualised training plan with regular feedback


Wattbike power/heart-rate zone performance testing



Wattbike pedal-stroke analysis


Professional bike fit



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